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1. Last updated on: 2. Sept 2023

2. Who’s in Charge of Your Info?

Michael Laussegger, based Vienna, is the one looking after your info.

3. The Info We Gather

3.1. Our website, built with Wix, can remember some things about how you use it, like which pages you visit.

3.2. If you send us a message or sign up for something, we'll have details like your name and email.

4. Why We Collect Info

We use the info to:

- Make the website better for you.

- Reply to your messages.

- Follow any rules we need to.

5. Cookies? What's That?

Cookies are tiny files our website stores in your browser, like bookmarks. They help the site remember you. Here’s how Wix uses them:

5.1. Important cookies: These make sure the website works right.

5.2. Handy cookies: They remember choices you make, like your language.

5.3. Check-up cookies: They see how visitors use the site to make it better.

5.4. Cookies from others: Some tools we use, like videos, might save their own cookies.

You can turn off cookies in your browser, but some parts of the site might not work as well.

6. Sharing Your Info

We promise not to sell or give your info to strangers. The only time we might share is if a law says we have to.

7. Your Choices

You can:

- Ask to see the info we have about you.

- Ask us to change or delete your info.

- Tell us to stop using your info in certain ways.

8. How Long We Keep Your Info

We only keep your details for as long as we need them. After that, we delete them.

9. Changes to this Page

Sometimes, we might change this page. If we do, we'll put the new date at the top.

10. Questions?

If you're curious or worried about your info, you can talk to Michael Laussegger. Just contact him at

Welcome to #MitchingAround, a personal website run by Michael Laussegger. We care a lot about keeping your information safe. This page will tell you how we handle any details you might share with us.

Privacy Info for #MitchingAround

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