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A New Kind of Courage

28. August 2013

Michael Laussegger

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In a world obsessed with epic feats and moments of internet fame, I wish we could embrace a new type of courage. Not the spontaneous bravery that drives people to do crazy things for a bit of fame.

I'm talking about the smart kind of courage it takes to really look at ourselves and face our true feelings and fears, even the ones we've kept hidden. It's about grappling with strong emotions and confronting the challenges in our lives directly.

Here's my hope for everyone: discover that courageous part of yourself. Believe it or not, but what often works well for me is as simple as a conscious mindful act of breathing.

If you're feeling insecure, I hope you find added courage. For those putting on a brave face but feeling doubts inside, may you find even more courage to align with your true self. And for those at life's crossroads, may you harness abundant courage to guide you.

Imagine the shifts we'd experience if we all embraced our inner courage. We'd choose paths aligned with our beliefs rather than bending to others' expectations. Think of the time we'd reclaim by simply being genuine.

Let's be clear: perfection is a mirage. Chasing it is a game driven by our insecurities: the fear of standing out, the dread of making mistakes. The very notion of a flawless existence is a mere illusion.

So, here's my heartfelt desire: courage for all. I believe it's a force within each of us, capable of lighting our path and guiding us to be our authentic selves, beyond the pressures of perfection. From the depths of my heart, I hope courage touches all of us, steers us, and enables us to be true to ourselves.Because with courage, we can genuinely live life on our terms.

I am still learning.

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