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Resilience and My Inner Home

11. September 2023

Michael Laussegger


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Resilience is the unwavering belief that I'll perpetually rediscover my inner home.

After 25 years in the business world, much of which I spent coaching and consulting for dysfunctional corporations and half-baked startups, the paramount lesson I've learned is the significance of cultivating resilience. People say I've become quite adept at it.

I'm convinced that nurturing and upholding psychological safety is as central to management as ensuring profitability. Yet, even in the finest environments, it's vital not to delegate our well-being. Our mental health is inherently our responsibility.

For instance, while mobbing is a systemic concern demanding a systemic solution, each encounter should also be seen as an opportunity to bolster our resilience. We'll undoubtedly face it again, but next time, with greater serenity.

Developing resilience is not only beneficial to our own mental health, but also enriches our professional endeavors, where failure is an inevitable part of learning and improving. Dealing with unprofessional feedback, be it emotional tirades or outright aggression, is an undeniable challenge. Instead of hoping the world grasps the nuances of constructive feedback, we should perhaps refine our own approach to handling such situations.

Amidst all adversities, there exists an indispensable sanctuary we must cherish and fortify. I termed it as “my inner home”. It's exclusively mine, having evolved with my consciousness, and can best be characterized as self-worth. An untouchable, indestructible place solely belonging to me. It's absolute. Free from any worldly metrics or conditions, and remains concealed from external influences. It represents that profound sanctuary within, reserved solely for me. My inner home doesn't contain any objects of transient value. If I were to visualize it, it'd be an invisible circle on an invisible sketch deep within, where it can never be misplaced.

So, as much as I believe this world needs change, and needs everyone to stand up against racism, homophobia, mobbing or what ever systemically induced injustice, I equally emphasize the importance of each individual nourishing their inner home. This empowers us to stand firm with dignity, independent of outside turmoil. Our inner home persistently endures.

There are moments when we feel lost or adrift. It's during these times that we should recall the presence of our inner home, always awaiting our return to provide solace, foster connections, and help us find harmony with the world around us. To me, resilience is the unwavering belief that I'll perpetually rediscover my inner home.

I firmly believe that fostering psychological safety is fundamental to any organization, and there's much to be done in this regard. However, it's crucial not to outsource our well-being. Ultimately, our mental health is our own responsibility. Mine has a place.

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