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Data shows that RTO de-facto died in 2023, with most organizations opting for some hybrid approach. RTO is just a massive waste of human potential. And for all the wrong reasons. In that sense, my "RTO policy" is serious management advice! Whenever someone suggests "returning to the office"... Maybe better get them a dog, instead of catapulting your business into the last century.

9. Februar 2024

Return to office is dead. Get your peeps a dog instead.

On my first startup, 30 years ago, we developed a wiki-style app for research. Having spent days and nights for two years in a row, we were invested so heavily with our emotions, and so convinced we would change the world, we did not dare to ask our users if they wanted it. And they did not. A classic. 30 years later, a lot of the Lean Startup jargon is used, but effectively, once an MVP gets funded and the ship is sailing, it is usually very hard to stop, because everyone is invested. I’d like to offer a fresh perspective on how to approach the journey more wisely.

19. Oktober 2023

Love the Mission, Not the First Idea

If we thought the digital world was changing rapidly in recent years, this year has taught us a lesson. Never before has disruptive technology spread so quickly across all industries, leaving many puzzled about what's still to come.

11. Oktober 2023

Authentic AI Transformation

I'd like to get rid of the general notion that business is either for profit or for the planet, because it's not true. The planet is already an intrinsic, invisible actor of every business and has been sending bills for some time now.

6. Oktober 2023

The Planet is Already Part of every Business Model

It's quite clear that there's no endless growth on a finite planet. But is it really that simple? When Antoine de Saint-Exupéry said that love is the only thing that grows when you share it, he at least opened doors to an alternative perspective on growth. How much love can we spread without burdening the planet? How much music can we play?

27. September 2023

A Net-Positive Economy. Can we make it?

In an era where technology has deeply permeated our daily lives, a phenomenon is emerging: our emotional connection to tangible objects, such as our smartphones, is quietly evolving into an AI-driven love affair. I believe we should actively nurture this love relationship to foster a positive, long-term partnership.

20. September 2023

An AI-Driven Love Affair

After 25 years in the business world, much of which I spent coaching and consulting for dysfunctional corporations and half-baked startups, the paramount lesson I've learned is the significance of cultivating resilience. People say I've become quite adept at it.

11. September 2023

Resilience and My Inner Home

Your organization may urgently need transformation to keep up with the fast-paced VUCA world around us. Sure, there are ways to delve into the details, ensure lasting change, and there are many individuals I deeply respect for the impact they're making. Here's how you can manage effortlessly and without friction: Hallucinate Transformation. #SarcasmAlert

31. August 2023

Hallucinating Transformation

Is it genuinely the groundbreaking ideas that pave the way for success? Or is it more about constantly trying out different things and letting go of favorite ideas?

29. August 2013

Killing bad ideas is more important than generating great ones.

Perfection is a mirage. Chasing it is a game driven by our insecurities: the fear of standing out, the dread of making mistakes. The very notion of a flawless existence is a mere illusion. So what should we seek instead?

28. August 2013

A New Kind of Courage

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